Wind Energy

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Currently, wind energy is one of the fastest growing technologies. According to the preliminary data gathered by the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), "the total capacity of wind energy production worldwide for 2011 has come close to 239 Gigawatt, enough to cover 3 % of the world's electricity demand." The environmental, social and economic aspects of wind energy are emerging fields that provide useful information on integrating wind energy into the social spectrum as well as a pollution free environment, with for example, Darrieus wind turbines on top of building as auxiliary electricity generators.

The CARDAAV computer code, based on the Double-Multiple Streamtube model (developed by Professor Ion Paraschivoiu), has been constantly improved in order to produce an efficient software package appropriate for the needs of VAWT designers. CARDAAV has been specifically developed for the design and analysis of Darrieus-type vertical axis wind turbine and is now being used worldwide.

IOPARA can also provide a simulation environment for the IEC certification of VAWT according to the IEC 61400 standard. The method has been developed according to the specific needs of the certification process and throughout its development, the aerodynamic results of the method have been compared with numerical and experimental data found in the literature. The developed aerodynamic methods are the current state of the art and to our knowledge, the only tool available that is capable of certifying VAWT.